Monday, August 31, 2009

RaBbit... RaBbit... RaBbit... **kawaii~ desu ne~~~~!!!**

RABBIT~~~~~~~~~~~ KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

**Furry rabbitssssssss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**
Long ear~ Fluffy~ CUTE!
But my mumy don't let me have it as my pet...
Because she says "When rabbit POOP, the POOP wil be very SMELLY..."

**5 little rabbit...**
I try put my finger in it when it climb onto the cage... Funnily it didn't bit me... LoL...
Normaly when i do that, some of the rabbit will bite me, thinking my finger is their FOOD...

**Rabbits~^^ Soooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!**
Trying to sip for water~
But it cost about RM38...=="'
So expensive...
**Those picture i take it secretly... LoL...**
**I don't know what will happen if i take these rabbit picture infront of the seller... LoLx!**
















GenTing Trip~=3 **Wh3n Re@ch G3nTinG, last d@y @t GeNTiNg~**

Last day at Genting~ T.T...
Everyone misses Genting...
And the day go too fast already...

**Genting... we all misses YOU~**

(Joking joking only~ Hahax...^^)
Everyone get up about 9+am~
Then start getting bath and packing bag~^^
Afther that, about 12+pm~
Everyone start to go lu~^^
Go back to KL~
Go back to home town~
After that, we all go and sit 缆车 go down to bus station~

**This is the scene that i taken inside the 缆车*don't know what to call it in chinese*~**
**I like the foggy feel~^^ cold and nice~X3**

**This is the scene i taken, very nice scene~ Hahax...^^ Everything green in colour~
Feel very fresh~^^**

**This is the picture i taken with Weng Choy ( dadi )... behind me is 永兴~^^**
Picture time~**Not enugh sleep... Hahax...=P**
Going PANDA~!

**After finish the ride~**
We all have to wait for a 3.30pm bus~!?! LoLx!
While waiting for busses, Pik Ling ( ling ling ), Wang Kai (王子) and Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ) wander to the temple there, because there have many moneky climbing and walking and searching for food... LoLx...
**I also join them, because it looks fun... =P and i need to take picture and put in bloggie too~! Hahax...^^**

**Wang Kai ( 王子 ) feed the monkey until go to the front of the temple~ Hahax...^^ He bother the monkey, by trying to cheat the monkey to take the food... So funny when he does that... He warn me.. "NEVER LOOK AT A MONKEY'S EYE~ IT WILL ATTACK YOU, IF YOU DOES THAT..."
( 王子 ) keep throw food to the monkey too... LoL... And talk in ENGLISH to the monkey too... O.o... And the monkey seem to UNDERSTAND the language!?!

**LoLx... This is Jie Wei and Sheng Kee ( yee yee )...**
( yee yee ) is in a SHOCK... LoLx...
Because let Jie Wei PUT ELECTRIC SHOCK... Hahax...

**This is Poh Kit and Wang Kai ( bou bou and 王子 )~**
( bou bou ) :"tumbs up, new day's coming~"
( 王子 ) :"Piece~"*smilling*

**This is Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ), Sock Chin ( chin chin ) talking with Pik Ling ( ling ling )...**
I take this picture secretly~ Hahax...^^
While they are not noticing me~ =P!

**That's Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ) *didn't saw his face as he move his face LoL... The guy behind is Wang Kai ( 王子 ), infront of ( 王子 ) is Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) and beside ( yee yee ) is Weng Choy ( dadi )~**
LoL... Ony ( 王子 ) notice me... Hahax...^^

After that, about 3pm, everyone gather at another place...
So we decide gather infront of the bus... LoL...
Then some of the guy play with the video...
Play and Pause... LoL...
So funny when see them playing....
**P.S: Everyone keep looking at us when they playing... LoLx...**
After that, everyone sit bus and go back to KL central...^^
Some saperate with us at KL central...^^
Yup~ Our 3 day 2 nig at Genting END here~^^
Everyone enjoy themself and go home happily~


Sunday, August 30, 2009

GenTing Trip~=3 **Wh3n Re@ch G3nTinG, 2nd d@y @t GeNTiNg~** **~2nd chapter~**

After that, everyone eat dinner at the food court...
I can tell you that the food there are EXPANSIVE and HARD TO EAT... LoLx...
So if wanna buy the food at the food court, better think twice right before you buy it...

**On the left is Weng Choy and Li Wei ( dadi and mumi )
On the right is Sheng Kee, Yee Chuen, Pik Ling and Sock Chin ( yee yee, yee zhang, ling ling and chin chin )~^^**
( mumi ) having hard time eating her DINNER... LoLx...

**This is 永兴, Wei Jie, Poh Kit ( bou bou ) and Wang Kai ( 王子 )~^^**

**This is me and 永兴... Taking picture~

**This is one of the funny pose that Poh Kit ( bou bou ) let me take for a picture... LoLx...
After having dinner, we all go watch UP!
UP is a very nice and cute animation~^^
Got chance, must watch ya~^^
Right after that, we gather somewhere else, chit chat and take some picture~^^

**This is Sheng Kee and Sock Chin chatting ( yee yee and chin chin )~**

**This is Pik Ling and Weng Choy making a funny pose~ ( ling ling and dadi )~^^

**This is Poh Kit and Yee Chuen... ( bou bou and yee zhang )...
( yee zhang ) stepping on ( bou bou ) hardly and withouth MERCY~ LoLx... Hahax...^^**

**This is Poh Kit, Weng Choy and Yee Chuen... ( bou bou, dadi and yee zhang...)
LoLx... *i would lik to ask... "( bou bou ), are they heavy? O.o...."*

**Weng Choy ( dadi ), Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ) and Wei Jie~**
**O.o... How much do they weight... LoLx... =S**

**Everyone sitting aside resting and chatting...^^**

**LoLx... That's Weng Choy ( dadi ) and on top of him is Yee Chuen ( yee zhang )... LoLx... O.o...**

**LoLx... Tis is Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) on top of Yee Chuen's ( yee zhang ) leg.... LoLx...**
Everyone play until nothing to play already~ Hahax...^^

**This is Sock Chin, me and Pik Ling ( chin chin, nicole and ling ling )~^^**
After that, we all go watch 卧底...
This movie stilll ok la~
Hahax.... But a bit bit blur blur and can't understand it sometimes...
Because the story keep jumping... LoLx....
After that, we all go back hotel to sleep lo~^^
Hahax... Nothing much to say~ =P


GenTing Trip~=3 **Wh3n Re@ch G3nTinG, 2nd d@y @t GeNTiNg~** **~1st chapter~**

The next day at Genting~^^
So happy and excited~^^
Because wanna go play and enjoy ourself there~XP
But... Right before that, we all decide go to cinema~^^
Check on the movie that will show on that day...^^
Then, when we arrive, the ticket counter haven't open, so we go buy outdoor games ticket...^^
After that, we go back to the movie ticket counter to wait for it to open~ =P~
Then, we buy 2 type of ticket for two type of movie~^^
1 is digital animation- UP
1 is 卧底

After buying ticket, we all go ply games le lu~^^
SO00000oooooo hapi...~^^~

**This is me, Sheng Kee ( yee yee ), Weng Choy ( dadi ) on the left~
Li Wei ( mumi ), 永兴, and Poh Kit ( bou bou ) at the middle~
Wang Kai ( 王子 ) and Pik Ling ( ling ling ) on the right~^^
This picture is taken right before we go for water games~ XP~**

**This is Sheng Kee ( yee yee ), that's me... LoLx....**
Everyone having fun bumping on each others... hahax...^^
so funny~^^

**Eveyone taking picture inside the boat LoLx.... XP**

**Wang Kai ( 王子 ), Pik Ling ( ling ling ), Sock Chin ( chin chin ), Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) and Me~**^^
After finish playing the water game, everyone take another picture again... Hahax... ^^
Fun fun~^^

**永兴, Sock Chin ( chin chin ), Poh Kit ( bou bou ), Pik Ling ( ling ling ), Me, Wang Kai ( 王子 ), Li Wei ( mumi ), Weng Choy ( dadi ), Wei Jie, Sheng Kee ( yee yee )~ taking picture...^^ hahax...^^
1 trip don't know already have how many picture~ LoLx... =P

**Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) come join them eat~

**This is Weng Choy ( dadi ), Wei Jie and Poh Kit ( bou bou )~
Hahax...^^ They are enjoying themself there~ =P**

**Yesh! Teacher Energizer! We're hearing what you are teaching~ **
=P... Hahax...^^

Teacher Energizer giving speech~
**Girls : "En en en en~"
Guys : "Hmmmm~~~~"**

**Me hugging Teacher~**
Nicole : " bwaaaaa~ Teacher~ i don't wanna let you go~~~~~~~~~~"
Li Wei ( mumi )**giving the same pose as Teacher Energize~**

**Y0000ooooo~~~~~ Eveyone pose with the Teacher~ =P**
That's Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ), Sock Chin ( chin chin ), and me infront~^^
Those behind are Wang Kai ( 王子 ) and Li Wei ( mumi )~

**This is Pik Ling ( ling ling ) and Sock Chin ( chin chin ) hanging on Teacher's hand~**

**Eveyone Let's POINT TO THE SKY~~~~~**

Funny funny~

**Here's everyone posing infront of a DOUBLE DECKER~^^**
**Everyone : "Cheeseeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~**

**Everyone taking picture near the phone booth!** O.o...
**Pik Ling ( ling ling ) : "Hello hello~~~~~~"
Me ( nicole ) : "Hmmmm~~~( I'm in a rush, please be quick! )"
Li Wei ( mumi ) : "... ( What's taking her so long?!?)"
Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ) : " Aaaa...." *trying to reach for the telephone*
Wang Kai ( 王子 ) : "... (What's she talking about, can she be a bit quick?)"
Poh Kit ( bou bou ) : "Why is she talking so long!? I need a phone right nw!"*angrying...*
Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) : "... (Argh... Please be quick...)
永兴 : "... *waiting patiently~~~~~~*
Wei Jie : "... (Yawn~~~ So sleepy~ When she wanna finish her talk?)

**OO000ooooopsie~ Everyone rushing into the telephone booth to snatch the telephone...**
Wang Kai ( 王子 ) : " I have no comment bout this... How about you?"*rather looking other side than looking at the telephone booth...*
Poh Kit ( bou bou ) : "LoLx... Same with you... Damn... They realy in need of telephone..."

After that, everyone go play games again...
LoLx.... O.o...

**That's Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ) taking picture~^^
Behind him is Pik Ling and Sock Chin ( ling ling and chin chin )~^^~**

**That's Sock Chin ( chin chin ), Weng Choi ( dadi ), Li Wei ( mumi ), Sheng Kee ( yee yee ), Wei Jie, and Poh Kit ( bao bao )~^^

All playing water games hahax...^^
**Except me~ LoLx... =P because got business to do hahax...^^**
Everyone having fun too~^^

**That's Pik Ling ( ling ling ) and Sock Chin ( chin chin )~^^**

**That's Weng Choy ( dadi ), Li Wei ( mumi ) and Sheng Kee ( yee yee )~
( yee yee ) promoting his 风油~

**That's Weng Choi ( dadi ), Li Wei ( mumi ) and Sheng Kee ( yee yee )~^^**

**This is 永兴 and Wang Kai ( 王子 )~^^**
LoLx.... O.o.... ( 王子 ) what are you doing?O.o... LoL~
End of this games ahahax...=P~
I don't know how this game feel like, but i know that this game sure very fun~ =P...

**LoLx.... This is me with 永兴~ hahaha.....
we're so childish~ =P stil playing these game hahax....^^**

**That's Li Wei and Weng Choy ( mumi and dadi )~^^
Swe3t CoupL3 hahahax....^^
Behind them is Pik Ling and Sock Chin ( ling ling and chin chin )~^^
Behind ( ling ling and chin chin ) is Wang Kai and Poh Kit ( 王子 and bou bou )~^^**

**That's Pik Ling and Sock Chin ( ling ling and chin chin )**
Hahax...^^ the wind is blowing even when need to take picture, they need to close their eye until very small only can take picture hahax... XP~

**We're playing this childish game also~ hahax....
But... after playing this game... i feel dizzy... =="'... and nearly vomit...
cham... ~_~... Because 永兴 too excited and keep play that spinning things... LoLx...**
After playing this game, many of us go rest LoLx...! because nearly VOMIT... LoL...

After that, we all take a group picture~^^
Thanks to the guy that help us take picture~^^
Everyone : " Arigato gozaimasuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^"

**This is Wang Kai ( 王子 ), Wei Jie and 永兴 on the ferry wheels~ XD!**
That time, we're resting some where near there~ because lazy to play~
=P... Then me, Pik Ling ( ling ling ) and Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) rest aside~ =P
And i keep taking picture of myself~ Bleck~=P

**Weng Choy, Li Wei, Yee Chuen, Wang Kai and Poh Kit~ ( dadi, mumi, yee zhang, 王子 and bou bou~ )~^^**
They are going to sit 跳楼机~*i don't know what is it called in english~ LoLx... =X*

**Everyone waiting to play it~
In the other hand, while they are playing, me, Pik Ling ( ling ling ) and Sheng Kee ( yee yee ), buy some food...

**Wakaka...^^ i buy 棉.花.糖 again~^^ Sooooo HAPPY~!^^**
YuMmy~^^ Swe3t Swe3t~~~~~~~
After i finish my sweet and food...
We go find others friends...
After that, we gather around thn go play some other games.... =P

**That's Weng Choy ( dadi ), Li Wei ( mumi ), Pik Ling ( ling ling ) and me~^^**
Kekeke~^^ Picture taken right before we take off~ LoLx....=X

**This is Sock Chin ( chin chin ), Wang Kai ( 王子 ), Yee Chuen ( yee zhang ), 永兴 and Wei Jie~**
Everyone gone excited right before take off LoLx... =P

**Yay~^^ Taking off already~~~~~~~~~~~~
The wind soooooo nice~~~~~~~~~~~~=P
After finish this ride, we decide to stop playing... LoL...
Hahax...^^ This ride the nicest, if can ride again, i will ride it again~ XP!!**
Then we take a few funny picture when we go out from the gate... LoL...

**Me and Poh Kit~**
Me ( nicole ) : "Argh... Go KISS that ugly monkey of your's~!"*keep pushing ( bou bou )*
Poh Kit ( bou bou ) : "WooooW! *pushing himself away from the ugly monkey*

**This is Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) with a UGLY MONEKY!**
Sheng Kee ( yee yee ) : "... dear... monkey..." *going to kiss he/her*( LoLx... What the hack I'm doing !?!?)
UGLY MONEKY : "... Who the hack are you?"
After having the fun, everyone go back to the hotel...


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