Saturday, June 27, 2009

zhupi go out v relative~

i go out v my relative~
kakakaka~ so nice~><"'
d fud oso nice~
i eat my fav "cha kue tiao" kakakaka.......
it taste beter thn tat bandar puteri de "cha kue tiao".....==""
d seafood nt fresh*bandar puteri de*......
im enjoy-ing myself e~~~~~
thn o my uncle bring me and his family to buy his things~
after buy-ing his things, v go to a pet shop and c d PUPPIES*cuz v pas by a few times and i cnt resist of nt going into d shopppppp~~~~~~~~~~><"'*!

yeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i feel wanna hav 1~
bt i saw 2 Q puppies cost bout 2K+++ "O.O.......waliau.......=X so EXPENSIVE!"
im sure tat my mumy wont let me buy hahahahahaha~~~~~~~~~~~
cuz i lazy to take care d puppies~XP!
2day is the day i wanna go bac my aunty house~=X.....
thn d nex day is sch day~_~"'......
woooooooot~ on tuesday v hav 3 class wooooooooooooot!
sure cham de..........=X
who cn study 3 sub in d same day and 2 is study de and another 1 is art d?O.o........
is our teacher try-ing to ply ply us or wat?O.o.......*1 of d sub tat's nt suppose to hapen tat day wanna kil us... i tink..... =X~*


meetoto........ nw hav becm so sucks......==""
nt i wanna comment it but it realy becm so SUCKS.....
even my LAPTOP *tat i hav jz buy* cnt go IN PROPERLY.....
bt ITS NEW..... SO~ is my laptop having any TECHNICAL PROBLEM orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is MEETOTO SIAU?
meetoto tis game cn realy throw into DUSTBIN or TOILET BOWL ady.....==""
nt i wanna comment it, bt many ppl R SAY-ING IT ya~........=="'
Meetoto de maker is who i duno la~ bt im tel-ing u d truth.......
mr/mis maker, pls la remake ur meetoto la.....=="'....
or ur meetoto is going to SHUT DOWN liao......

i lik SEASON 2 more more more more moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thn SEASON 3........=="'.......
nw d season 3 lik SHIT...... wan on oso cnt on, im nt having LINE problem or ANY TECHNICAL problem........ so y i cnt log in?

My life at My jiu jiu and jiu mu house~*3day 2nig*

2day ne~ me and my cusin gt up early in d morning to gib sum ppl's hp lo~
thn after tat v go bac hum~
thn o bout 11++ lik tat v go out lu~
go out v my cusin and her friend de~^^
haha.... im enjoy-ing myself kekekekeke~
thn o v decide to go watch movie/sing k....
*v all oso duno wan choose which de, bt lasly oso choose watch movie hahahahaha~^^*

thn o, v all go to a ice cream department*paise i dun remember d name ahahahahahaha~ bt i kno their ice cream taste nice de kakakaka~X3* and buy a few ice cream~

i buy a soursoup + apple and starfruit.....*hmmmm.... taste ok lo~ nt so sour*(tis pic below is SOURSOUP + APPLE AND STARFRUIT flavour de~)

my cusin buy a soursoup + durian.....*><"' d durian taste d ice cream taste soooooooooo nice e~ feel wanna taste it again ne~XD!!!*(tis pic on UP is SOURSOUP + DURIAN flavour de~) my cusin de friend buy a strawberry flavor de.....*smell taste and its strawberry + yorgurt ne~ sure taste nice hahahahaha*(sry o, i didnt take tat strawberry taste de ice cream pic hahahaha~) after tat v enjoy our ice cream and walk around the Time Square~^^ i saw a few clothings luk soooooooo Q ne~ bt o, my cusin pul me away....T.T......*hahahahaha~ cnt blame her, im jz ply-ing v her.... kakakakakakaka~~~~~~ cuz she dun lik tat style of clothings, cuz its a lolita type of clothings hahahaha~* thn i keep walk towards tat shop and she keep pull me away..... hahahahaha so funy~XD! thn o, i duno remember wat tim, i saw a guy/gal in a dragon costume*thn whn i saw it, i keep laughing hahahaha~ feel so funy nea~* thn my cusin say she scared of it bt she feel tat the dragon feel so funny..... so v follow he/she frm behind and at tat tim, d dragon hav a guy partner and they keep luking bac at us and v keep laugh at thm*we're bad right hahahahahaha~XD!* after that v go watch our movieeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^ its "17 again"......XD! i lik tis movieeeeeeeeeee and i lik d guy character~><"' zacccccccccccccccccccc~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~><"'!!!!!!!!! OMGOSH! he's my favourite~~~~ he's so Q in tis movie~~!!! OMGOSH OMGOSH~><"'!!!!

after that v go hum lu~ cuz cnt go out too long hahahahaha~^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009

mini bus R so ScARY~

my life at KL~
hmmm..... sumtimes ok lo~^^
bt sumtimes so sien e.....
bt my life v my friends at sch r always fun fun de kekekeke~^^
wanna find house to rent oso very hard e......
bt nw i found 1 ady, bt ony cn stay in it whn nearly to the end of august.....
so i hav to wait.......

gt once i sit in d 'mini bus' v my aunty*cuz my aunty ask to so i do it, if nt, i oso dun wanna sit bus... LOL... i hav once sit a bus be4 bt i dun lik the feel*(cuz.. the uncle tat sit infront of me didnt saw me and push down his back sit and d sit jz knock onto my face and nearly break my glasses... and he didnt even bother bout it whn he knew bout it...=="" ((TIS UNCLE WAS SO DAMN NO MANNERS)).......
o ya, nw continue bac my story ahahahaha.....
whn i go up.....
i was lik
"OMGOSH! Wat the hack is tis indian guy luking at me???O.O!! Im nt having any precious things v me so wat the hack r u luking at me?!?!?O.O"(whn he luk at me tat tim la)
im so damn scared........ ><" he keep luk at my straightly towards me......T.T..... "SOO000oooooo SCARY" thn whn i cm down frm d 'mini bus', i straightly tel my aunty bout tat guy and she was lik "hahaha.... bus ppl r always lik tis 1, jz ignore thm"... thn i was lik "LOLX.....O.o"'"..... thn v wait infront of the sunway piramid for d 'rapid bus'.... then v keep waiting and d sky start to go dark.... thn my aunty decide to bring me hum instead of riding the 'rapid bus'... thn v walk to my college and wait for my uncle to pick us up..... haha........ 1st tim sit mini bus, tats hw i feel.....=="' d guy oso..... keep luking.... make me feeeeel soooooooo uneasy.....=="' who wanna sit in a bus whn sum1 is luking at u wo....... if u, u oso dun lik lo right? so those sit on busses becareful~ they maybe thief or pickpocket.... nt i wanna say anythings, bt i jz wanna every1 be safe....


Thursday, June 18, 2009

*Pont3ng ClasS*

kekekekeke~ v ponteng class and didnt go study~XP!
*ponteng once wont hurt d ba...=="' teacher nt my mumy oso~XP*

Jking Jking~ kakakaka~

v all take pic pic at there so wu liao~XP!

bt its normal de ne~ who dun lik take pic pic wo~


>>>> bao li, charles and tat sai ma here~

<<< tis is pik ling, me and ah bou~ kakaka~

me 1st tim learn to "liu bing".... so cham...=="'
so hard to ply lea.......
nearly pokai nea~T.T.....
bt i gt pokai a few times hahahahahaha~XP!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

my TOA life~

at KL so sien ne~

ntg to do...=="'

wan on9 oso cnt*cuz bo line~XP*, wan go out oso hard....*cuz nid permision...XP*

my life at college nice nice~X3!

my class CD0905-5 a very fun palace~

haha~ whole class of guys and grls r my friends~X3

so sweetttttttttttttt~XD!!

kakakaka~ i being very very d naughty in class~XP!

every1 i oso wanna bully~XP!!

study-ing there ok lo~

sum lecturer there nice nice~^^ hahaha~

bt..... sum was lik OMG to me~

whn i hav my figure studies class, i would gone OMG...=="' cuz i draw a real human into sum1 else... if nt, i would draw thm into a anime style drawing...=="'

so xim tia.....

i went red box v my friends~XP! all lik siau zha bo and siau kia~XD!

all 自拍........... until stand at d couch oso cn hahahahahaha~ so funy~XD!

i tink ady oso feel funy~XP!

自拍 until d worker wan cm in clean oso cnt~XD!

v take pic at red box d entrance there~
every1 was luking at us~ o///o... bt feel funy funy oso~XD!

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